Friday, January 17, 2014

Analyze this!

In the nonprofit (and business) world there is all this chatter about real time data and data analysis. Monitoring your traffic is supposed to give you some magical insight and facilitate more insightful marketing/fundraising strategy.  Word.

We as professionals are trying to create client/consumer/donor engagement through these social media tools and this is no easy task. We have to be genuine and engaging and listen and and and...there are SO MANY tools now. I guess this is also where I am at with all the social media BS. There is so much information and so many moving parts that most people (including myself) are just at a loss. Luckily, there are some really smart people out there creating some very useful information and "how to's."

I recently stumbled across this little gem of a TED talk from Melinda Gates explaining What Nonprofits can Learn from Coca-Cola. She discusses the corporation's globally networked marketing, their use of regional, culturally geared advertising, and real time data analysis to ensure every tiny village across the world wants, and can get a Coca-Cola.  I recognize that some major ideas surrounding nonprofit's and the dreaded overhead myth need to change and were not addressed in her talk, but perhaps while you are in the TedTalk spiral you can add this one to your playlist, The way we think about charity is dead wrong. Dan Pallotta is much more eloquent than I could be concerning the topic.

Above, I also mentioned all the moving parts and how it can be difficult keeping up with all of them. Check out these sweet manuals that provide some best practices for nonprofits concerning social media, developing strategy, and measuring success Council of Nonprofits Colorado Nonprofit Association.

I know this is just a jumping off point, but through this blog I would like to research, learn, and hopefully disseminate some useful information I happen upon. If you have any ideas or tips please share them with us and we can discuss!

STORY TIME: Today I really just want to go on and on about my roller derby team. These women are the most inspiring, strong, HILARIOUS broads I have ever known (I have some civilian friends that also fall into this category but I had practice last night and am still giddy). I am just coming off of essentially a six month off season (injury) and was seriously considering retiring my skates. I was really enjoying having all the free time and being able to do whatever I wanted but last night reminded me exactly why I came back. From coaches to fans to the actual players...Flat Track Furies have my heart. Thanks for helping me be my best me and learn in a safe space.

This photo is from when we won the season championship in 2013.

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