Friday, February 14, 2014

I love social media

So, I tend to be a bit of a cynic. I know, shocking right? Well today I am going to try and be less cynical since it is Valentine's Day and the eve of my one year wedding anniversary. I am feeling all sentimental and lovey so I decided to write about why social media isn't all that bad. If your lucky, maybe I'll make one of those "top 10 reasons I love...." lists.

Firstly, the internet is hilarious and you can find years worth of useless shit to keep you scrolling. Cat meme's may be my downfall along with videos of cute baby animals and cows. While these things are great, social media, if used properly, can do some really awesome things like advance social movements or create communities of support.

Sometimes social media is used to raise awareness about important issues and I love it when it happens in funny or offensive ways.

It also gives me a voice to spout off and tell whoever is listening what I think and feel and know and need to share. Today I need to share this:

I am keeping this post short, light, and fun because quite honestly I want to get back to spending time with my wife. We both work very hard and we don't get a lot of quality "us time."

WARNING! This is about to get sentimental. I love my wife. She is a total rockstar and a ten on every measurable scale. She is patient and kind and listens to hours of me ranting about social justice issues, all while doing the laundry and caring for our three very needy cats.  Since meeting Joy my life has gotten exponentially better every year. She is the tree I tie my kite to and undeniably my soul mate (whatever that means). For everyone out there, I hope you take the time to recognize, thank, and  appreciate all that your partner/friend/lover/whoever does for you at least on this day.

I love love and want to hear your stories. Got a good love story? Comment below and spill your squishy, sentimental guts all over my blog.

Happy Valentine's Day yall and happy first wedding anniversary Joy Marie.

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