Friday, February 7, 2014

Someone's been naughty...

As I approach the end of my education and am preparing to launch into my big kid career, one of my concerns is my online presence. I know that these days what comes up when our name is Google searched can be as important as what is in our cover letter and resume. So I did it. With great trepidation I typed in my full name to see what would surface.

Full disclosure: I am no a long shot. Those of us who grew up in an era of uncharted social media territories (Prodigy chat rooms and early myspace yo) may have been a little too forthcoming in things we put out there, or not protective enough of what we let others put out there about us. Ya'll can read all my gritty, filthy secrets and stories someday when I publish my memoirs. Until then, I would like to know that something I did in my early 20's (good lawd) isn't going to surface and keep me out of the running for my dream job.

Now I am not the most tech-savvy person out there. Typically when I acquire new technology I immediately hand it over to my wife and let her figure it out and then explain it to me. This is not one of those cases and I must forge ahead on my own. Just today I searched myself and a couple of not-the-worst-pictures-in-the-world-but-I-would-prefer-they-didn't-pop-up photos surfaced. My next thought was "what the hell do I do now to get rid of them?"

Luckily Google was there to help! I searched "how do I remove an image from Google" and this tasty treat popped up Google image removal. This video provides several options for image removal to ensure you flush out all your nastiest indiscretions and don't end up on some twerk team website from 2009 (you know that was a crazy spring break). Next you want to build a shiny new non-twerk related social media profile and this little website offers some great tips for where to start The Ladders.

We are all creating our own personal brand and the main rule to remember is that everything on the internet lives in perpetuity. Think before you post and don't put anything out there that you wouldn't want your (future) boss to see. After today, hopefully all you will find about me through a google search is this adorable photo of my niece Reagan and I. It helps that I also share a name with a famous actress who eats up the first 2 pages of search results. ;)

Good luck in your future internet cleansing endeavors and comment below if you have any additional tricks or tips!
WEEKLY UPDATE: As you all know I play roller derby with the greatest team in the world, the Flat Track Furies. I am just coming off of a long string of injuries (broken toe, bursitis in my knee, hip problems because I'm old) and was just getting back in the groove and feeling confident. Of course things are going too well and I fall and roll my ankle (while not doing anything...seriously I was just standing there) and sprain it. Boo. Suckfest. Great, more time off and more playing catch-up with a bunch of ladies who workout like a million times a day. Well, apparently the Furies are just not meant to skate without me because by some stroke of mother nature luck, the bout this weekend got cancelled due to a freak snow storm (which never happens here in Eugene). This means that by next bout I will be healed and ready to skate! This is a picture of me on the floor after I hurt my ankle.

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